Okay, overhauling the website, so bear with me. Until I pretty up the page, 2002 stats are here.

The 2004 season brings back the crazy bets, has added categories (we now have 101) and all the scrips have been updated. So coming up a new and wacky season. -Dale

WK # 17 (62-59) Survey Says...

Well holidays have come and gone, and so has the illustrious regular season. Our choices for coach fired were the top two pics, with Dennis Erikson managing to last the entire season +2 days. Pretty impressive. And for the first time ever, I think that we are going to have to wait to annoint a winner until the Superbowl. Lots of beers stil left, and with me climbing back into a 3 point lead, the crowd eagerly awaits.

WK # 13 (64-68) Paint Fume High

Well I was all wacky on Sunday from the paint fumes from finishing the "sports room" in my house. It looks a lot better and it is good to have done, but all the paint makes you a bit loopy while watching the games. Great weekend for football unless you were from the Pac 10 where Cal got screwed, which means OSU got screwed for bowl games. Oh well. Fantasy football is going into the playoffs and I finished at the top of my division. So hopefully this week will be a strong one. Steelers had me swearing but pulled it out in the end, Peyton continued to roll for the Colts. I am swooning like the Seahawks and have given up a late lead. Here is hoping for a replay official.

WK # 12 (66-62) Turkey Surprise

Great weekend of football. It is always a good time when you get to start your football on Thursday. Peyton dished up some early Turkey in the form of the Detroit Lions. Triptofan kicked in with the Dallas game, which wasn't bad because it was a snoozer. That plus a full weekend of games made for a good time. Fantasy I am into the playoffs, got 3rd in the football pool, and the Steelers continue to carry on strong. In a side note, Miami choked on the 1st round draft pick and beat San Fran. Guess they will have to settle for the 2nd pick.

WK # 11 (67-61) Forgetful Dale

Well work and otherthings managed to swamp me so much that I didn't have the 10 minutes it takes to update a few manual stats and run everything. So this is a two week update. Had to get it in early due to the short week for Turkey day. Great weekend, with the Beavers winning the civil war, and the Steelers continuing to roll. What could be better. How about a 7-3-1 record in fantasy football. Now only if Scott wasn't making a comeback...

WK # 9 (67-54) Fog Bowl Weekend

Well I kindly got tickets to the OSU v USC game from my Aunt. I remember her seats being good, but due to the fog, it was hard to see the field. Good game, but quite chilling and a Beaver Loss. Visited Scott and Bern and the 2 puppies they are fostering(Nacho and Jasmine). Both cute and very loveable. Good week in football, with the Steelers looking strong, the Colts giving Heather heart problems, and barely losing out on the football pool.

WK # 8 (65-52) Patriots Lose

Well I am doubly happy this weekend, not only did the Patriots lose and we no longer have to hear about how great they are, but the Steelers beat them. How satisfying of a game. Sunday night football of Chicago vs San Fran was about the scariest thing to happen to me on Halloween. Good work still happening in fantasy, riding that Peyton Manning QB for all he is worth.

WK # 7 (66-55) Wacky Weekend

Never a good sign for the weekend when the Browns can take the Eagles to Overtime, the Chiefs run up the score in a 46 point blowout, and the Dolphins manage to score 1/3rd of their seasons points in a single game. Ended up feeling cheated for no sunday night game, but with a fantasy football win, and a widening score against Scott, I feel like maybe I am not the Yankees.

WK # 6 (62-57) Baseball Blues

Well always hate this time of year, the baseball playoffs make for few afternoon games, so even having the NFL ticket causes one to have to take an afternoon nap. In a similar note, I seem to be very Yankee like, as my early lead is disappearing, and I am now wondering if I can at least hold up until the mid season break.

WK # 5 (67-57) Scott and Bern Brew Fest weekend

This weekend was that glorius time when we got to sample Scott and Bern's Bathtub Brew. Not all that bad, except for the mysterious illness that stuck both Scott and Dale the next morning (Scott much worse than Dale). Great weekend of football, and food. Bern outdid herself in the kitchen. The scores have kind of plateaued for a bit. Going to be interesting to see if Dale can hold the lead.

WK # 4 (68-57) Drinking weekend Prep

Well with the next weekend being the Scott and Bern Brew Festival down in Corvallis this was the weekend to get your liver in order. Unfortunately I spent it getting sick, it must have been from the OSU beating on Saturday. Good victories on Sunday, in Fantasy and on the Field. Only bummer was in the football pool where money was to be had if we only picked the MNF score correctly, Heather finished 7th and I was 11th.

WK # 3 (76-57) Wedding Weekend

This weekend, my step sister got married, and with a brother in town, most of the football day was spent in wine country, which as an alternative isn't all that bad. Managed to get home in time to watch the HalfbrainBowl (Steelers v Dolphins). In the torrential downpour, the Steelers won 13-3. Guess Scott is going to be drinking a bit more this year.

WK # 2 (71-61) First Gettogether Weekend

Well Scott and Bern made the trek north for a football weekend. Managed to pull out some good menu items, Heath Bar Ice Cream, Steeler Scrable, and my best attempt at a Stanich burger. So the scales are up a bit this week. Unfortunately my football success of last week disappeared as the Steelers lost, I finished 48th on the football pool, and lost my Fantasy game.

WK # 1 (85-62) Kickoff Weekend

Opening weekend started off with Scott and Bern at the Naval Reserves and Heather and I watching in PDX. Got to catch the Steelers in High Definition, which if you haven't seen a High Def game, I highly recommend it. Was a good week, I won the football pool and fantasy football. First scores are in and I am looking good, but we have seen this before.