Sorry. I'll probably get better organization, but until then, here are the pictures as the camera gives them -Dale

If you are looking for Amy and Dale's Vacation photos from 2007, please go HERE

Isaac - Here are the Class Reunion Pictures I took
Friday Night
Saturday Night

Uncle Henry - Here are the pictures from the coast over Christmas
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

New Halfbrainer Guinness. A new pup in the house. Here
Scott's 30th Birthday. A 2 night celebration Here
Heather's Dog Chance Photos Here
Kurtis's Dog "Right Now" Photos Here
Canada Trip Here
Providence Bridge Pedal 2002 Here
Bend Weekend/Scott Bday 2004 Here
Mexico Vacation 2004 Here
New Pano's Here
The Long Day, 2 weddings 1 day. Here
Stacey And Mark's Wedding Here
Greg And Beth's Wedding Here
Llama Trip Here
Ahh the Joys of a cruise. Here
Grandma's new Digs Here
Sam Richardsons Memorial Here
Indian Mary 2006 Here
Sedona Arizona 2006 Here
Russel and Shannon's Wedding 2006 Here
Halloween 2006 Here
Amy and Dale's Vacation photos Here