Suppose one of the first questions one would ask is why halfbrainboys. Needless to say, I cannot answer that with a simple question, so why not start from the beginning. Scott and I met in college at Oregon State University in a Fraternity. After several years of drinking, watching football, and hanging out it became aparent, even more so to our girlfriends at the time, that Scott and I must share a brain. This shared brain was due to the surprisingly miniscule trivia that we both knew. Both Scott and I both knew that there was no chance that we had an entire brain, due to our facination with bathroom humor, so we decided it was half of a brain. Of course the brain is always getting us in trouble and is a wonderful scapegoat. =)

The majority of our useless knowledge is based around that wonderful sport, NFL football. While we cannot get the halfbrain to agree on which team is it's team, I think the Steelers and Scott the Dolphins, we never miss an opportunity during football season to get together and park our posteriors on the couch and watch a full day of football. The climax of the season is when we hold a superbowl party, which from it's humble beginnings in 1995 has grown to quite a major social event for our friends who both love football and those that don't (although I will never understand why).

So check out the site and enjoy our simple attempts at amusing ourselves.

Well A new addition to the halfbrainers. And I think that he is actually more intelligent than Scott and I, although most of his knowledge is related to sleeping, fur, and how to chase squirrles. Check him out here.